Zarephath is fueled by individuals with extraordinary talent in motivating and managing others. Our leaders are devout believers with hearts for service. They constantly innovate to improve our ministries. We are blessed to have such a skilled and devoted staff.

Board of Directors:
Pastor Floyd Francis, Pastor William Moss, Mr. Joseph Munzburg, Mrs. Jeanne Munzburg, Mr. Don Walsh, Mrs. Don Walsh

Advisory Board:
Mrs. Barbara Anderson, Mr. Bob Anderson, Mrs. Donna Bray, Dr. Dale Boseworth, Pastor Ken Jumper, Pastor Indar Singh.

Mr. Isaiah Green, Mr. Mitch Brunner, Mr. Edward Manuel, Rev. Jimi Clinton, Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Strickland.

Department Heads:
Mr. Moses Gnanashekar – Founder & President, Dr. Joseph Gnanashekar M.D – Director