Homeless Ministry
(Movie nights, Fish fry nights, Concerts, Haircuts, Medical camps)
When: outreach 3rd & 4th Saturdays at 4pm.
We also have a Evangelism team that goes out to minister 2nd & 3rd week - Tue & Friday at 12pm. We take teams these days to evangelize in our community. This is a learning experience for those who want to be missionaries and as well as getting an opportunity to serve their community.

Project Homes (Fun days, Tent revivals, Children Games, Praise & worship)
When: outreach 2nd Saturdays at 12-2pm.
During the week: Children Ministry: Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm.
Also includes Family life counseling, A.A & N.A counseling programs, single parent counseling & Crisis Counseling. (All Medical and Counseling interns are welcome to participate in these areas).

Medical Camps (Counseling & Screenings).
This team accompanies outreach ministries on Saturdays.
We provide professional and medical counseling for family crisis & mental health.
(In Partnership of Richland Primary and Palmetto Baptist).

Education (Literacy & GED).
When: Monday-Wednesday at 1-3pm. (Partnership of Richland one)
All teachers & college students are welcome to tutor.

Discipleship (Mentor-Leadership Program, Fight club at The Harvest church).
Retired Individuals and seminary students are welcome to discipleship.
When: M-F 9am, 12pm, 5pm